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Situated in picturesque country Victoria, Mindful Lizard offers a range of yoga retreats, including day, weekend and longer.

We offer a variety of yoga retreats from beginner to more experienced, relaxing to invigorating, yin to yang. We also have a variety of instructors to help guide you along your journey. Many people think that yoga is about holding difficult poses, handstands, and bending backwards, although these things can be a part of yoga, yoga is more about working with your body to find peace, balance and good health.

Anyone can attend a yoga retreat, and everyone can benefit from yoga. You do not have to be flexible, or be able to stand on your head to gain the benefits from yoga. All you need to do is make the time for yourself, be patient and open minded, and you too can start to experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga!

If you are new to yoga a yoga retreat can be the perfect place for you to start. Surrounded by like-minded people you will find support, friendship and time for yourself to really emerge in the practice. If you are not sure what type of retreat you should attend, get in contact with us and we can guide you to the type of retreat that will best suit your abilities and goals.

So why choose Mindful Lizard?

At Mindful Lizard retreats we look after you, so you can look after yourself.

We provide gourmet catering, using fresh produce and housemade baked goods. Our cook has been catering for groups for over thirty years and we hear that the food is a big part of why we have so many return (we have had groups return, every year, for the last thirty years). We can also cater to food allergies and intolerances, and other dietary requirements.

Our accommodation is comfortable, spacious and has an ambiance of simpler, relaxing times. Our rooms are single bed twin share, or for those wanting a little more privacy, we also offer king size bed single rooms. Hide yourself away in one of our many quiet spots and read a book, focus on your practice, or just sit and enjoy the fresh country air. Take a walk around the grounds, smell and feel the different native trees and plants, listen to the native birds while taking a swim in the pool, or gaze upon the stars in the clear, unpolluted sky.

If you are new to yoga we have all the equipment you need to take part, so no need to worry about bringing anything except yourself!

We are only a short drive from Melbourne straight down the freeway, and yet you will feel like you are another world away.

If you would like to attend one of our retreats check out the upcoming retreats below. If you would like to host a retreat, check out our host a retreat page or contact us.

Up-coming Yoga Retreats

Umpada Drishti (Inward Gaze)

Turn your yoga practice inwards and feel your practice, rather than focusing on what you look like/think you should look like. This retreat is for those who want to re-connect with themselves in mind, body and technique. For beginners to the more experience yogi, this retreat focuses on perfecting your pose and breathe, working with your body to find a better flow and peace within yourself.  


25 September

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